About Us

The Athena Nail Boutique Experience

Come to our cozy nail salon where you’ll explore different designs you’ve never seen before, you’ll make a personal statement by speaking with your hands. 

Our well-curated nails pull together outfits. They attract secret glances or endless compliments because of their beauty and creativity. 

Our gels last from 4 weeks and sometimes even longer if taken care of properly. This means that would you will still be able to enjoy them once you have gone back to your daily grind! We hand-select top-of-line natural products from Japan that don’t include all the harmful chemicals for your nails and body. The natural ingredients used in the gels also mean the colors are much more natural and stunning on your fingertips!


Every season we offer different trends and designs, so we can walk you through the process and work with your preferences. We are nail artists and can sculpt almost anything requested. To see our amazingly unique art please follow us on Instagram @athenanailsa2 and together, let us make your nail art dreams come true!